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  • Every team needs a coach.
  • Any parent with a love for sport and teaching young children how to improve their skills will thrive as a coach.
  • The technical essentials of the game is to hit (from a tee), run to a base, field a ball, catch a ball and throw a ball.
  • The coach directs traffic whether in the field or batting, assisting the team with field positioning, where to throw the ball and when batting where to hit the ball.
  • Runners on base are assisted by the base coaches, one at first base and one at third base, providing the team with as much support and help as possible.
  • Training should be focused on improving the skills required to play a game. This will include both batting and fielding practice, manuals are available to assist with fielding drills.
  • The main ingredient is that both training and the game is fun with all team members having equal participation and enjoying playing in a team environment.
  • Parent help is appreciated by all coaches, a great way for parents to assist their children and gain an understanding of a sport that becomes faster and more technical as the children develop.

The first thing you need to do is put your name down for your team on allocation day (link to allocation day). This not only gives you what you want but it fills a key role in volunteering for the team – thank you! EFTBC will run a coach’s clinic at the clubrooms to help you get up and running before the season commences as well as we will provide you with some training routines to help you out at practice.

TBAWA run regular “A Level” coaching clinics. EFTBC will cover the cost of attending these courses to suitable applicants. These clinics teach you;

  • An overview of the role and responsibilities of a coach.
  • The correct way to teach required skills and techniques necessary for the game of tee-ball.
  • The basics of tee-ball which will assist in the continuity of teaching methods between clubs.
  • Correct throwing techniques so as to avoid injury to the player’s arm.
  • Catching skills and all aspects of fieldwork.
  • Correct batting techniques (i.e. directional batting).
  • Sliding and base running.
  • Diamond drills (there are 8 basic diamond drills, which can be used at training).
  • Rotation of teams on the field and in the batting line up.
  • Teaching players to play as a team and not just as an individual.
  • How to approach an umpire in a game situation.


The clinics run for approximately 6 hours and comprise 4 hours on the field/hands-on drills and 2 hours lecture/question time.

If you are interested in becoming an East Fremantle Tee-Ball coach, need help or want to attend a coaching clinic, please contact the Coaching Coordinator via

For more information you can also visit;

TBAWA Coaching Webpages

If you need any assistance or would like to know more, please contact

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