Role of the Coach

  • Every team needs a coach.
  • Any parent with a love for sport and teaching young children how to improve their skills will thrive as a coach.
  • The technical essentials of the game is to hit (from a tee), run to a base, field a ball, catch a ball and throw a ball.
  • The coach directs traffic whether in the field or batting, assisting the team with field positioning, where to throw the ball and when batting where to hit the ball.
  • Runners on base are assisted by the base coaches, one at first base and one at third base, providing the team with as much support and help as possible.
  • Training should be focused on improving the skills required to play a game. This will include both batting and fielding practice, manuals are available to assist with fielding drills.
  • The main ingredient is that both training and the game is fun with all team members having equal participation and enjoying playing in a team environment.
  • Parent help is appreciated by all coaches, a great way for parents to assist their children and gain an understanding of a sport that becomes faster and more technical as the children develop.
Fixtures are out

Fixtures for the 2017-2018 season are now available!