Want to Become a Coach

The first thing you need to do is put your name down for your team on your Registration form, or volunteer at Allocation Day. MMTBC can provide advice for first time coaches to help you get up and running before the season commences and provide some training routines to help you out at practice if you would like them.

TBAWA run regular “A Level” coaching clinics. MMTBC will cover the cost of attending these courses to suitable applicants. These clinics teach you;

  • An overview of the role and responsibilities of a coach.
  • The correct way to teach required skills and techniques necessary for the game of tee-ball.
  • The basics of tee-ball which will assist in the continuity of teaching methods between clubs.
  • Correct throwing techniques so as to avoid injury to the player’s arm.
  • Catching skills and all aspects of fieldwork.
  • Correct batting techniques (i.e. directional batting).
  • Sliding and base running.
  • Diamond drills (there are 8 basic diamond drills, which can be used at training).
  • Rotation of teams on the field and in the batting line up.
  • Teaching players to play as a team and not just as an individual.
  • How to approach an umpire in a game situation.


The clinics run for approximately 6 hours and comprise 4 hours on the field/hands-on drills and 2 hours lecture/question time.

If you are interested in becoming an Melville Mariners Tee-Ball coach, need help or want to attend a coaching clinic, please contact the Coaching Coordinator via enquiries@melvillemarinersteeball.com.au

For more information you can also visit;

TBAWA Coaching Webpages

Allocation Day today!

Allocation Day, 3-5PM on Sat 15th September.