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Behind every good team is a good manager and they contribute enormously to the enjoyment of the Tee-Ball season. Communication and organisation are the keys to being a good team manager and working in closely with the coach helps a lot. At this level the task is not complicated and typically involves;

  • Organising the team for game day, including the playing schedule (see link below)
  • Ensuring everyone knows when and where the next game will be played
  • Ensuring there are sufficient volunteers to run the game
  • Distribution of the team list and contact details
  • Upholding the values and code of conduct of the club
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of the kids
  • Managing the general communications for the team and dealing with any issues as they arise
  • Submitting the game results for uploading to the website
Parents and carers of the teams will be required to volunteer for positions to facilitate their team’s involvement on the Registration form and ensure they have a Manager assigned on Team Allocation Day.
  • Always have team contacts with you and a charged mobile phone on game day – we recommend “TeamApp”!
  • Write the batting order and the 3 positions they will be playing in on the players’ hands prior to the start of the game
  • Get organised early
  • If you’re not sure, ask
  • Understand how and when cancellations will be broadcast
  • Get to know the coach and understand who does what
  • Respect the relationship between parent and child
  • Get others to pitch in and help
  • Ensure that there is a pencil case in the kit for scorers – including multiple pencils, eraser & sharpener
  • Write the batting order in the score sheet
  • Ensure you have a volunteer scorer prior to game day
  • Attach a picture of the oval you are playing at, and highlight the diamond.

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Playing Schedule and Score Sheets

Melville Mariners Tee-Ball Club consolidated fixtures for the 2017/2018 season will be posted here ahead of season start!

Score books for the new season will be provided ahead of season start.



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Fixtures are out

Fixtures for the 2017-2018 season are now available!