Role of the Umpire Plate and Field

The role of the umpire is as important as the coach, manager, scorer and all others involved in helping the team. Without an umpire the game does not go on and, subsequently, each team is required a volunteer to umpire.

There are generally two umpires to adjudicate a game. The home plate umpire who controls the general flow of the game and the base umpire who is responsible for calling runners either safe or out at first and second base.

The home team is responsible for the home plate umpire and the away team fields the base umpire.

Tee-ball is a modified version of baseball so an understanding of how the game is played is advantageous and then the rules that make the game what it is. That being said, we have many umpires who have had little experience with the game and help is not far away if you need it.

If you are fair and emphasise that both teams are there to learn and have fun, umpiring is a great experience where you have the opportunity to be involved with every play of the game.

With your child most likely in the team that you are umpiring the rewards are plenty.

Fixtures are out

Fixtures for the 2017-2018 season are now available!