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Meet Steve

Hi kids,

I got in to the sport like a lot of you guys, playing tee-ball. My parents signed me up for the Balcatta Baseball Club back in 1978 and I was stoked! It didn’t take long before I was hooked on the game and once I’d outgrown tee-ball I moved into baseball. It took a little while getting used to being pitched the ball instead of hitting it off the tee, but I soon got the hang of it. At the age of 16 I went to play for West Stirling so I could compete in the state league. Here I played for the under 17’s competition and then progressed to playing seniors in both the reserves and state league competition.

I played a few different positions. As a junior I played second base and as a senior I started in the outfield, usually right field. When life got busy and work pretty hectic, I hung my glove up for a while. My last playing position was third base, a position I really enjoyed.

My last season of competitive baseball was in 1997 and I never once missed a season. I loved the game so it wasn’t too hard for some old team-mates to persuade me to drag the glove out again. For the last five years I’ve played masters baseball on a Tuesday night.

My two kids are also big fans and I enjoy coaching them in tee-ball for East Freo. Tee-ball is a great game, with throwing, catching, running and hitting, all teaching you a variety of skills you can use in other sports as well. Everyone gets a piece of the action and every player is important to the team.

In the early years the infield is kept pretty busy with a lot of the ball being hit to them, but as you all get bigger and stronger the outfielders are the ones chasing down those big hits. As you improve the game gets faster, the throws more accurate, and the hitting even bigger.

Make sure you have fun and develop those skills that will make you a great player. I’m here to help so feel free to ask me questions on my blog. Ask Steve

Play well…




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