About Us

The East Fremantle Tee-Ball Club (EFTBC) was founded in 1982, and was a successful and proud club. Come 2016 though, there was just one thing… we were no longer in the East Fremantle District! We rebranded ourselves to reflect our current location in Melville, and the Melville Mariners Tee-Ball Club (MMTBC) was borne.

The Club is run by a committee of volunteers, who selflessly give of their time for the benefit of our children. As it is with all things volunteering however, we never have enough resources – if you have the willingness to help, we’d love you to let us know.

Our club is guided by its constitution, available for your review at pdf

MMTBC is an affiliated member of the Tee-Ball Association of Western Australia (TBAWA). You can visit them at http://www.tbawa.org.au

The Tee-Ball philosophy is best summed up by the “Four F’s”


Fair play

Fundamental Skills

Family Involvement

  • Fun. Families want to have fun and the kids need to enjoy the game with the positive support of their parents.
  • Fair play. Whether it’s training or game time the kids need to play without feeling pressure. The most important values to kids in sport are enjoyment and personal achievement so player’s positions are rotated every week. Everyone gets a fair go.
  • Fundamental Skills. Our aim is to improve both the confidence and the skills of your children in a safe environment and umpires and coaches are encouraged to ensure these values are upheld at all times. Things like throwing, catching, hitting, running and teamwork make up the sport and this provides an excellent development base for transition into other sports. Maybe even the major league!!!!
  • Family Involvement. Tee-Ball allows everyone to participate, in fact, the game doesn’t go on without it.

The Clubhouse

Our clubhouse is located at Melville’s Marmion Reserve where we share the facility with the Melville Football Club. The club is centrally located with ample parking around the ground.

Melville Mariners Tee-Ball Club (Marmion Reserve)


Fixtures are out

Fixtures for the 2017-2018 season are now available!