About Tee Ball

What is Tee-Ball?

Tee-Ball is a modified version of baseball and softball and suited to both boys and girls. The most significant modification of these games is there is no pitching to the batter. The ball is hit off a tee, hence the name Tee-Ball. The tee is adjustable to suit the player and the diamond is reduced in size from baseball specifications by one-third.

The Tee-Ball Season

The Tee-Ball season runs over the summer months from October to March and breaks for the full Christmas school holidays. The 2017/18 fixtures are yet to be released but first game usually coincides with the start of term 4.

The younger players (under 10) start proceedings at 8.00am on Saturday mornings with a warm up, preparation and some practice before the game starts at 8.30am sharp. Occasionally there is the opportunity for the kids and parents to enjoy a Friday night twilight game and these will be announced in the fixtures when  finalised.

For the older kids, ages 10 & 11, these are played as Friday night twilight games. Game times typically start at 5.30pm for East Freo home games in Melville with the away games varying between 5.30pm, 6.00pm and, occasionally, 6.30pm.  Games go for one hour and approximately half of the games are played ‘away’ at other local regional clubs, only a short drive from the home field.

There is a maximum of 12 players per team with a minimum number of 8 required to field a team on the day.

As the sport is about development and the game only goes for 1 hour, coaches conduct mid-week training sessions to support the kids’ development. The days are usually set around the coaches availability in agreement with the parents. Coaches are always looking for helpers so; again, there is a great opportunity for parents/carers to get involved with the kids.

There are also additional events that are open to participation at your choice

Allocation Day today!

Allocation Day, 3-5PM on Sat 15th September.