Codes of Behaviour

The MMTBC have expectations of behaviour from players, parents, coaches, officials and spectators that are aligned with the TBAWA Codes of Behaviour. We ask that you abide by them at all times.

The most important thing we would ask of you is that you remember that every position on both teams is filled by volunteers, whether it be coach, umpire, manager or base coach. They may not make every call correctly, but they are all trying their best for the benefit of the kids. Please respect that.

You can view the TBAWA Codes of Behaviour here.


MMTBC Constitution

Our club is guided by its constitution, available for your review at:

Allocation Day

When: 3-5pm 16th September 2017
Where : Marmion Reserve, Melville

Come down to Allocation Day to pick up your uniform and equipment needs, and most of all - find out who your team mates will be!