What happens if we can’t make a game?
When do the kids play?
Is there mid-week training?
What if we can’t make a training session?
How long does the game go for?
How do I get in contact with the coach or manager?
What if my kid doesn’t like it part way during the season?
Is Tee-Ball safe?
Are there food and drinks available at the venues?
Should I bring a chair to sit on?
Is there any shade at the venues?
Should I label my kids gear?
Do I need to bring food?
Does the club have any social events?
Do all the kids get a fair go?
Are there play-offs and a final?
Got any other questions?
Allocation Day

When: 3-5pm 16th September 2017
Where : Marmion Reserve, Melville

Come down to Allocation Day to pick up your uniform and equipment needs, and most of all - find out who your team mates will be!