Coaching for Parents

Becoming actively involved in your kids Tee-Ball team is a great way for parents to spend quality time with them. No experience is necessary to be a Coach or Assistant Coach in Tee-Ball, we can provide you with TBAWA accredited training, however all you really need is a willingness to give what you can – just as we ask of the kids.

As a coach you will lead the development of the kids into the game of Tee-Ball. This includes the preparation and running of the mid-week training session (and coercing as many other parents as you can to help out!). On game day it’s hands-on with responsibility for ensuring the team takes the right field position and helping keep them focused, “gloves ready, watching the ball”.

The following information provides some basic coaching tips for effectively managing a small group of children:

  • Keep the kids active at all times. The easiest way to accomplish this is to split the team into small groups of three or four and engaging assistance from other parents to run drills.
  • Keep the activities short. If you want to focus on throwing and catching for example, try several varied 10 minute drills instead of one half hour drill.
  • Maximise the practical work time. Keep the instruction short, simple and concise; often demonstrating what you want the kids to do is effective.
  • Have children sit down and face you. Get their attention before giving instruction.
  • Minimise distractions by assembling away from other noise or something going on behind the coach.
  • Maintain order by establishing clearly what is expected in regard to:

•  Behaviour
•  Sportsmanship
•  Punctuality
•  Cooperation

  • Explain to players the consequences of their actions and reasoning behind each of the rules, and be consistent and follow through with consequences to a child’s actions.
  • Get the other parents involved. The kids love the opportunity to have a scratch match vs the parents.
  • Spend a couple of minutes at the end of training reminding everyone of where the next game is (venue and diamond number) and what time you are expecting them. It is a good idea to get kids to the game half an hour before it starts to assign a batting order and warm up.
  • The kids will pattern you. You will inevitably come up against a competitive coach who is there for different reasons than you. Be the bigger person – you are there for the kids and they are there to have fun!


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