Allocation Day

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Our Team Allocation Day will be held on Saturday 16th September, 3-5pm). This will also be held at our clubrooms where you will have the opportunity to meet your team and organise volunteers for the roles of coach, assistant coach, umpire, manager, base coaches, scorer and se-up/pack down.

Yes , it seems like a lot of roles.

Yes, they really are all necessary. We are being serious when we say – we are not allowed to field a team unless we ave these positions filled. So please, for your kids, volunteer.

No, none of the roles are hard (and we have folks to help you along the way, including Coaching and Umpiring clinics we will pay for you to attend).

This day will also be your opportunity to purchase the team uniforms. We will loan you the shirts for the season, you will be required to purchase the pants $30.00, caps $15.00 and socks $15.00.

We will also ask our friends at Fields’s Choice to come along for Allocation Day and provide you with any of the equipment you desire to purchase.

Should you have any queries please email us at

Allocation Day

When: 3-5pm 16th September 2017
Where : Marmion Reserve, Melville

Come down to Allocation Day to pick up your uniform and equipment needs, and most of all - find out who your team mates will be!